How to Register

If you are new to Oakland Community College, follow these steps to register for classes.

STEP 1 - Log In to MyOCC

If you have already logged into MyOCC and changed your initial password, skip this step.

  • Go to MyOCC.
  • On the MyOCC Main Menu click Students then click Log In.
  • On the Log In page, enter your user name and password.

Use the links at the bottom of the Log In page if you do not know your user name or password.

IMPORTANT! After you login the first time, you will be required to change your password.

STEP 2 - Create Your OCC Student Email Account

An OCC Student Email account must be created before you can register for classes. If you have already created your Student Email account, skip this step.

  • Go to Sign In to Student Email.
  • Sign in using your MyOCC username and the password you created in Step 1.
  • Type the characters you see in the picture.
  • Click 'I accept. Create my account.'

STEP 3 - Register for Classes

  • Go to MyOCC.
  • Click Log In, enter your user name and password then click Submit.
  • Click the Students button.
  • On the Students Menu in the Registration section, click Register for Sections.
  • Now enter your search criteria. The Term and at least one additional field must be filled in for a valid search. The more information you enter, the narrower the search results and the quicker the results are returned. After entering the criteria, click Submit.
  • On the Section Selection Results page, select the class you want by clicking in the checkbox to the left of the class then click Submit at the bottom of the page.
  • On the Register and Drop Sections page, go to the action box and select Register then click Submit at the bottom of the page.
  • You are now registered for that class.

Please note: Using 'back button' on your web browser will result in issues. Please refrain from using it during registration.

Class Schedule

  • To check your class schedule click Student Menu at the top of the page.
  • In the Academic Profile section on the Student Menu, click My Class Schedule.
  • Select the term you want to view then click Submit.
  • You can print this page for your reference.