Grades are due 2 business days after the class ends.  The Registrar's Office will be processing grades daily as they are submitted by instructors so that they will be visible on your student record.

When ordering your eTranscript online from the National Student Clearinghouse, select "After Grades Are Posted" from the processing option or "Which transcript do you want sent?" dropdown menu.  When all of your Fall 2021 grades are processed (and if you have no financial holds on your record), your eTranscript will be sent.

A transcript or academic history lists all of the credit or non-credit classes that you take at Oakland Community College along with the number of credits and any grades received. Transcripts are either official or unofficial, also called an academic history.

Unofficial OCC Transcripts/Academic History

Unofficial transcripts or academic histories may be obtained online by logging into MyOCC with your student ID and password, clicking on 'Academics' in the menu on the left side, then clicking on 'Unofficial Transcript.'

Official OCC Transcripts

Official transcripts contain the seal of the Registrar's Office and are mailed or emailed (e-transcripts only) directly by the College to a person or institution specified by the student. Official transcripts are commonly needed when transferring to another college or applying for employment.

Ordering Official Transcripts

Official OCC transcripts may be requested online. If you require a physical transcript, contact for further instructions.

Online (including eTranscripts) - for OCC transcripts only

An official transcript may be ordered online thanks to a partnership between OCC and the National Student Clearinghouse.

Online Transcript Request

  • OCC eTranscripts are FREE!
  • Students may request an electronic PDF of their official OCC transcript to be sent via email, and many eTranscripts are usually sent within 24 hours, but some additional time may be required for orders with attachments and for orders that have additional processing needs.
  • Attachments may be uploaded and sent with an eTranscript.
  • Email notifications let you know the status of your eTranscript request, including when it is sent and when it has been received. You may also request to receive these eTranscript notifications via text message
  • The eTranscript service is not available for students who last attended OCC before 1981. Please contact for assistance in obtaining your transcript if you last attended OCC before 1981
  • For more help ordering an eTranscript, visit the National Student Clearinghouse FAQs

Shaw College Transcripts

Shaw College transcripts may be requested by contacting